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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

May 19th,2012,1st Annual Freedom Ride-Will Have More Meaning This Year Than Ever Before

My friends,never before in the history of our nation,has our military meant more to us as now.Today a trigger was set off to cut 650 billion dollars from our military,reducing our military to unprecedented levels.This ride we do in the spring will have more meaning than ever before.As our president destroys our military,and our standing world wide,we must stand by our heroes of yesterday and today.To much blood has been lost for the freedoms we hold dear today.We must stand in unity behind our heroes now more than anytime in our history.Our may 19th ride will draw bikers from every corner of America,but our states of Kentucky and Indiana will show the country,we know were our freedom came from,and we understand the sacrifices they gave to give us what we injoy today.yes this is Kentucky and Indiana 1st year joining the national armed forces freedom ride.but were gonna make a showing of strength never seen before.I ask you all no matter were in the united states you live,join us,we have chapters in every state,join us ride with us ,help us honor the wonderful people who sacrificed everything for us.Our ride is armed forces day in may,this year we ride may 19th,2012,plz join us now sighn up now Heres our Facebook group link for Kentucky and Indiana.all welcome from across the country,we will put you with your state coordinater,god bless you ,god bless our troops,AND PLZ JUST ABOVE FROM HERE CLICK JOIN THIS BLOG.              freedomride 2012 facebook link                                                          ( join the ride now )                                                                        this is our private group link,we chat on it everyday,click and save this link,were here more than anywhere.                                                                                thank you for your support,without you guys and gals showung yout love,who nows were we would  be  god bless you all.