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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Kentucky/Indiana Freedomride2012,may 19th.needs all of americas help,Unite In Support Of Our Military

The national armed forces 2012 freedomride is drawing near,bikers from accross the country ,will unite may 19th,2012 to honor and pay tribute to all who fought and gave there lives in defense of americas freedom,and freedom around the world.They paid the price for freedom world wide,but never got the recognition deserved.We intend on changeing that.We cant fix the past,but we can the future.Our founders dream is to wake america up to the fact,all branches served,all branches sacrificed,all branches deserve a heros honor.This is why we ride.Were free today because of sacrifices made yesterday as well as today.God Bless Our american armed forces.We salute you.Even though we ride in over 32 states may 19th,The kentucky/indiana freedomride has exploded with patriotic support.kentucky and indiana patriots has always supported there military,and may 19th,will be the day we prove it.All money raised by the freedomride in these states will go to the 101st airborne assocation,a charity that cares for the families of fallon heros,we support them 150%,and i hope you will.even though you might not be able to ride with us you can still show your support by donateing to our cause.100s of children are now without dads and moms,because if there parents sacrafices to freedom.we must care for these children.plz give whatever you can.your donation will be used to make a famile rest donate now and give plz.if you dont have a credit card mail a ck to  (( Kentucky/indiana freedomride ,c/o  fifth third bank 1555 d green st,henderson kentucky,,42420.)),or click the donate button.,,then be sure to line the streets may 19th,our ride leaves evansville at 10;30,am,,we will go past the casino,onto 41,cross the river down 41 to the pennyrile,then down to hopkinsville kt,to the veterans memoreal west cemetery.theres our route,were ever you live you can time yourself to be on route,god bless our riders and supporters,and most of all god bless our country and our wonderful troops,we love them.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Freedomride up date,plz everybody read

FREEDOMRIDE UPDATE-Att all bikers,were gonna have a big ride,a lot of bikes involved in this ride to honor all of out brave military this ride recognizes all branches of our military.And our 1st ride here will be a big 1.but along with big rides,comes possable problems,we will ride in formation,this is a must.but the cemetery were going to in hopkinsville will be we must be obedient,and fallow the rules the cemetery has,depending on amount of bikes going,we must enter the cemetery quietly as possible,,absolutely no raping of the pipes,,this is there #1 demand,plz fallow these rules,1 bike can ruin it for everybody,we dont want this.we will enter in colums of 2.will take about 30 min to get ready for the services,MARTY OWENS of the crusaders will perform the services,we will have gun salutes,music,bag pipes,and specail guests,we are honoring all our heros,lets make this a memorable occasion,after the memorial is over,you will leave on your own ,no escorts,drive carefully plzzzz,we are going back to evansville to were we started and the party begins,we have 101st dropping in from the sky about 4-pm,and live bands will begin then,for everybody who rode and pd,your food and entertainment is free.remember the 25.00 you pd for the ride goes to our charity,( the 101sr airborne assocation,))they take care of the families if 101st heros who gave there all in the name of freedom.plz support them,any donations you might want to make over and above the money we raise on the ride can be donated to ((THE KENTUCKY/INDIANA FREEDOMRIDE C/O 5th third bank of henderson.))att this time id like to thank roleing thunder-un evansville for there help,,,and the kentucky pgr,chapter from hopkinsville,,these 2 organizations have pit it all into makeing this a memorable ride.god bless them,plus we have members of pgr members in louisville ky assisting in the ride.unbelievable support from a lot of people,thank you so much.stay tuned to this page for further updates.

Friday, March 30, 2012

The Kentucky/Indiana Armed Forces Freedomride For 2012, Is Looking To Brake All Records For A United Ride,To Honor American Heros

Were growing faster than i ever thought we would,im impressed at the interest this ride has braught accross our 2 states,I only hope its spreading to other states in the us as fast as it is in kentucky and indiana.The National Armed Forces FreedomRide is just that,NATIONAL.The Freedom ride was founded a few years back by a women who felt she wasnt doing enough to show her love and support for our brave freedom fighters,well here we are 3 years later  and The freedomeide is in 37 states and growing,nj gypsy.This brings us back to this 2012 ride.we in kentucky and indiana never forgot the price of freedom,and the blood lost to maintain that freedom,may 19th ,evansville streets will be full of bikers and classic cares from accross both states,all united in 1 thing,honoring americas fightung heros all the way back to when it all began,the civil war.I only wish we da had a bigger stageing area,next year we will.My dream,my goal is to turn this ride into a yearly event only to keep growing every year.So ky/in-kick stands up that day and head for evansville,im arranging places to camp for you who want to srick around,for the poker run the next day.There is a 25.00 per bike fee,all this money goes to a charity that really does good work,it cares for the children and families of our fallon heros,(the 101st Airborne Association.But its not manadory,you can ride free,bit those who do choose to donate to the cause will get 2 bands 1 for each rider,and bu haveing this band ,your food is free at the all day event in evansville,live bands untill midnight,we will have the 101st jump team drop in on us from the sky,This will be a family event,bike show/car show,exhibits guest speekers,ect,,This will be 1 fantastic party,Kick stands Up at 10'30-we will ride into kentucky,down the penyrile to hopkinsville ky,we are going to the ((west veterans memorial cemetery ))we will be escorted by the most recognizable,groups out there.the hopkinsville ky chapter of the(( patriot guards riders ))the services and honors at the grave sight will be done by The christain bike club the crusaders,from owensboro,ky.Marty is 1of the most influential pasters ive ever,5 min with this man youll be friends for life.Were gonna have a great time that weekend,plz if you have a bike or a classic car.come ride with us,theres no greater feeling than to honor our heros,But the honor will be even more specail this year,with our freedoms being in dought,wars on 2 fronts,maby 3 by may,we have a vary specail need this year to unite.come join us.if you dont live near us contact a freedomride cordanater near you,we ride in several states all the same day,were just a small piece in a big buckit,if you cant find a cordanater join our facebook sight,and we will find a coordinater near you.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Ha everybody the freedomride is days away,things will start happening fast,keep in touch,plz go to our blog,and join it,We don't want you to miss anything,as special guests add on we will post there,we have several bands playing into to night that day,you'll enjoy yourself may 19th,honoring our hers is always special,but this years ride is ever more special,this year the charity we picked is even more special,the 101st airborne lost over 200 brave soldiers,leaving plenty of broken hearts,and children,our charity cares for those children,(the 101st airborne association ))-all the money this ride brings in goes to this organization,,help is help them.join now.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Kentucky / Indiana Armed Forces Freedom Ride 2012,Invites You To Ride With Us May 19th.

This is the 3rd national armed forces freedom Ride-Nationally ,but This is kentucky and Indianans 1st.,,Freedom Ride and were going all out.If you live in Kentucky or Indiana,or any state and wish to ride with us,Were starting our ride in evansville indiana,were stage at the answer mans auto repair at 3250 claremont ave,in evansville,get there early,bike blessings will begin about 10 am.,,there will be live music,venders,food,games for kids,door prizes,half pots,bike show,we will leave for west memorial veterans cemetery in hopkinsville will be conducted by the crusaders christan bike ministry,from owensboro ky,brother marty owens will do the service.will be special guests at the stageing area threw the day and at the services at west memorial cemetery.we invite anybody who rides,to join us,all money raised from this ride goes to the ((101st airborne assocation ,))this charity is run buy retired officers and personal from the 101st,all money goes to help the family's of fall in friends this charity is exascully what i was looking for.if a family needs food,bills paid,shoes school books,its pd fpr,god bless these angles of Mersey.for more info face book us,join this blog,ride t-shirts and patches will be avalable at BACK ALLEY CYCLES, in henderson can register for the ride at eather of our sponcers,BACK ALLEY CYCLES-IN HENDERSON,,OR  THE ANSWER MANS AUTO SERVICE AT 3250 CLAREMONT AVE.,we hope to see everyone there.ride will start at 11 am-will cross bridge into henderson at 1125,will arrive at west memorial cemetery about 1pm,services should end about 145.we will return to evansville,to eat,drink,lission to live music,special guest.any biker who holds a band they got for donating to ride eats free,dont loose the band,food entertainment is free to you.ride costs 25.00 per bike or roadster rideing,you will get 2 bands 1 for you 1 for passenger.public cost to get in Evansville event is 10.00.                                                 

Tuesday, January 31, 2012


I meant yesterday with the mayor of Evansville,about supporting our cause,and to tie up a few loose ends,the mayors with us,whatever the city can do all we have to do is ask-  yaaaa,  the freedom ride is offical,may 19th,the permit office said no permit needed if its all done on the stageing area,so we will be cutting a few things out to save money.but its gonna be may 19th,and 20th.The poker run will be on the 20th.Ill post a list of hotels who will sponcer us and give you discounts-on rooms,Evansville has a park not far from staging area with showers.electric.for camping,ill try to get discounts for that to.there will be live bands,dj,venders there,lots for kids to do.i was ask to tell you plz be on best behavior,have fun but keep it decent,no boobs,nude riders,ect,-lol-I no there went the with me people,this will be our 1st national ride,but every year from here on out will be the same time,if we need more room,next time we will do it in a bigger place.instead of charging for food separately there will be 2 bands,,,25.00 for rideing in event,this gives you 2 bands,1 for you and your rider,food .drink,live bands,dances,all included in this price.public will be charged at gate a price if 10.00 to get in.Under 10 $5.00/(( homeless Veterans Free ))But must varifie statice.threw va hospital. fall money raised at this event goes to a charity at ft Campbell that helps family's of fallen heros who paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom.this charity is run by a sgt- retired at Campbell.this foundation pays for whatever these families need,rent,food,bills,anything they need.101 lost to date over 200 troops,leaving over 350 children without parents,guys i cant find a better charity to if you were wandering were the money is going,there it is.-welcome aboard patriots,thank you for your support of our troops.If you haven't already joined our ride,plz join now on this sight,give us a idea how many of you are coming,so we can make sure we have enough food and drink for you.We will leave Evansville at 11am,The blessing of the bikes,will begin at 10:30am.We have plenty of entertainment for you when you return to the staging area.Theres no greater honor than to salute our heroes,and the money raised will go to support and help the families of the 200 plus troops,lost in our latest theaters,and a part of it stays in Evansville,to help the 300 plus homeless vets now living in and on the streets of Evansville. thank you.Ride coordinator/and state director for Kentucky and Indiana.