spc taylor brought home to henderson,/byr pgr/and/rolling thunderapril,7,th,2012

Tuesday, January 31, 2012


I meant yesterday with the mayor of Evansville,about supporting our cause,and to tie up a few loose ends,the mayors with us,whatever the city can do all we have to do is ask-  yaaaa,  the freedom ride is offical,may 19th,the permit office said no permit needed if its all done on the stageing area,so we will be cutting a few things out to save money.but its gonna be may 19th,and 20th.The poker run will be on the 20th.Ill post a list of hotels who will sponcer us and give you discounts-on rooms,Evansville has a park not far from staging area with showers.electric.for camping,ill try to get discounts for that to.there will be live bands,dj,venders there,lots for kids to do.i was ask to tell you plz be on best behavior,have fun but keep it decent,no boobs,nude riders,ect,-lol-I no there went the with me people,this will be our 1st national ride,but every year from here on out will be the same time,if we need more room,next time we will do it in a bigger place.instead of charging for food separately there will be 2 bands,,,25.00 for rideing in event,this gives you 2 bands,1 for you and your rider,food .drink,live bands,dances,all included in this price.public will be charged at gate a price if 10.00 to get in.Under 10 $5.00/(( homeless Veterans Free ))But must varifie statice.threw va hospital. fall money raised at this event goes to a charity at ft Campbell that helps family's of fallen heros who paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom.this charity is run by a sgt- retired at Campbell.this foundation pays for whatever these families need,rent,food,bills,anything they need.101 lost to date over 200 troops,leaving over 350 children without parents,guys i cant find a better charity to if you were wandering were the money is going,there it is.-welcome aboard patriots,thank you for your support of our troops.If you haven't already joined our ride,plz join now on this sight,give us a idea how many of you are coming,so we can make sure we have enough food and drink for you.We will leave Evansville at 11am,The blessing of the bikes,will begin at 10:30am.We have plenty of entertainment for you when you return to the staging area.Theres no greater honor than to salute our heroes,and the money raised will go to support and help the families of the 200 plus troops,lost in our latest theaters,and a part of it stays in Evansville,to help the 300 plus homeless vets now living in and on the streets of Evansville. thank you.Ride coordinator/and state director for Kentucky and Indiana.

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