spc taylor brought home to henderson,/byr pgr/and/rolling thunderapril,7,th,2012

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Friday, March 23, 2012

Ha everybody the freedomride is days away,things will start happening fast,keep in touch,plz go to our blog,and join it,We don't want you to miss anything,as special guests add on we will post there,we have several bands playing into to night that day,you'll enjoy yourself may 19th,honoring our hers is always special,but this years ride is ever more special,this year the charity we picked is even more special,the 101st airborne lost over 200 brave soldiers,leaving plenty of broken hearts,and children,our charity cares for those children,(the 101st airborne association ))-all the money this ride brings in goes to this organization,,help is help them.join now.

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  1. For anybody interested,Ride tee shirts are now me.white -ts-,,20.00 black ts-25.00,If you want the 2012 ride patches contact me asap,so i can gt them ordered.thank you.