spc taylor brought home to henderson,/byr pgr/and/rolling thunderapril,7,th,2012

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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Freedomride up date,plz everybody read

FREEDOMRIDE UPDATE-Att all bikers,were gonna have a big ride,a lot of bikes involved in this ride to honor all of out brave military this ride recognizes all branches of our military.And our 1st ride here will be a big 1.but along with big rides,comes possable problems,we will ride in formation,this is a must.but the cemetery were going to in hopkinsville will be we must be obedient,and fallow the rules the cemetery has,depending on amount of bikes going,we must enter the cemetery quietly as possible,,absolutely no raping of the pipes,,this is there #1 demand,plz fallow these rules,1 bike can ruin it for everybody,we dont want this.we will enter in colums of 2.will take about 30 min to get ready for the services,MARTY OWENS of the crusaders will perform the services,we will have gun salutes,music,bag pipes,and specail guests,we are honoring all our heros,lets make this a memorable occasion,after the memorial is over,you will leave on your own ,no escorts,drive carefully plzzzz,we are going back to evansville to were we started and the party begins,we have 101st dropping in from the sky about 4-pm,and live bands will begin then,for everybody who rode and pd,your food and entertainment is free.remember the 25.00 you pd for the ride goes to our charity,( the 101sr airborne assocation,))they take care of the families if 101st heros who gave there all in the name of freedom.plz support them,any donations you might want to make over and above the money we raise on the ride can be donated to ((THE KENTUCKY/INDIANA FREEDOMRIDE C/O 5th third bank of henderson.))att this time id like to thank roleing thunder-un evansville for there help,,,and the kentucky pgr,chapter from hopkinsville,,these 2 organizations have pit it all into makeing this a memorable ride.god bless them,plus we have members of pgr members in louisville ky assisting in the ride.unbelievable support from a lot of people,thank you so much.stay tuned to this page for further updates.

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